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Amuse Labs invites partners who can work with us to create and market solutions based on our unique Puzzle Me™ platform. Example partners would be companies or individuals who:

  • Have unique content and would like to present it in interesting ways, for example, by gamifying it using Puzzle Me™.
  • Create and market curriculum-based solutions for schools and the education market.
  • Are brand promotion and marketing agencies who would like to create buzz about their clients.
  • Are publishers interested in presenting news and information in interactive formats.
  • Are bloggers, domain experts, newsletter editors, community organizers and anyone else who would like to provide their audiences unique and engaging content.
  • Are app developers who would like to add unique puzzle-based features to their apps.

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USA Toll-Free Number: +1 888-509-9570
(technical support and questions)

USA Toll-Free Number: +1 888-735-0222
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